Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Atlanta Marketing Agency Reformation Productions with client NGBC

The founder of Reformation Productions, B. Zachary Bennett on RadioX joined by Master Director of the North Georgia Business Connection, Rob Donahue

Understand who and what Reformation Productions is all about and what we can do to help business owners create their brand position in the market place.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Target - No Aim

Target - Your Customer     No Aim - Wrong Marketing Strategy
Target - No Aim
Right Consumer, Wrong Strategy

First quarter is soon behind us, it's time for many businesses to kick start their marketing into high gear. Even the thought makes you frustrated, yet you know it is necessary. Frustrated because you know your target consumer, though for some reason with every effort and dollar spent trying, you're not reaching them. It's possible that what you may have is the right consumer target but you're using the wrong strategy messaging or creative to reach them. Learning how to see the differences in the desires of your targeted customers and how to reach them using the right creative or the correct marketing strategy is often a missing link that causes frustration in marketing efforts, not to mention the disappearing "bottom line" or ROI. "Guessing", "hoping" and "winging it", when it comes to the "what" and "how to's" of reaching your target is like shooting from the hip with little or no aim.  Instead, aim! Follow the 4 steps to strategically aim at your target consumer:

1. Identify - know who you are as a brand, outside of the product/service you sell.
2. Listen - know who your speaking to. Rather than worrying about "selling" your product/service; understanding how your customers are going to deploy the products and/or services they buy from        you; how will they use it to enrich their lives.
3. Think - know what you need to say based on who you are and who you are speaking to.
4. Speak - know how you are going to convey your message creatively with the marketing tools you put in front of your target consumer.

Now your marketing efforts are aiming in a Straight Line. This is the goal of every business owner's marketing efforts, a straight shot to your consumer. So the next time you need a website, print collateral, logo design, video production, photography, or any other communication tool you may need, THINK IN STRAIGHT LINES.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Noisy Marketing

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” - Art of War

marketing strategy that allows you to clearly demonstrate who you are as a brand, how your brand is different, how your brand brings value, and who makes an ideal client for your business is the most important element of marketing. Developing a solid marketing strategy often begins with conducting market research to determine who you are as a brand, the wants and needs of your intended customers. Businesses without marketing strategies may find that they have focused their marketing efforts on the wrong audience, using the wrong communication tools, and often times conveying the wrong messages to the wrong target. Ultimately, their tactics will be hindered by lack of focus and direction provided by a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is NOT setting goals, your objectives or even your mission. It is a clear concise explanation of how (not where or what) your stated plan of execution is to reach your marketing objectives. In order for a business to achieve a measure of success, an effective strategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense....a straight line to your consumer begins with a Marketing Strategy. Contact Reformation Productions today schedule a Marketing Critique to identify where your marketing efforts have fallen short or where you are right on target. 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marketing Idiot


Using tools, no matter how sophisticated, is more about the person and process using them than the tool. Give an idiot a high-powered circular-saw, and he’s going to do some damage to the work-piece and/or himself. But in the hands of a master craftsman, you get impressive results.
Same goes for the tools you choose, no matter how great the marketing tool is website, print collateral, social media platforms, etc. if you do not understand how to create them in a way to speak to your consumers in a way that they will respond positively or you do not follow the proven marketing process, you may end up doing more damage than good; wasting your time and hard earned money.

Don't be a marketing idiot. Consult with a marketing agency to create a proactive plan and begin using tools that will give you the impressive results you are seeking.  Reformation Productions is an Atlanta marketing agency, call for a consultation today. 678-825-8086 X104

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marketing + Sales = Results

Selling is not Marketing -- Marketing is not Selling
Marketing + Sales = Results
Most small businesses have not establish a formal marketing process. Their marketing ideas come from their own ideas, competitors or advise from other business owners and often "wing it". Such businesses equate marketing with selling; they don’t conceive of marketing as a broader way to position their company. As they grow to a larger more successful company, the management recognize that there is more to marketing than setting the four P’s: product, pricing, place, and promotion. They determine that effective marketing calls for people skilled in branding, targeting, strategy, positioning and creative. Once companies hire a marketing agency with those skills, marketing becomes a function inside sales, and a sales function inside marketing.
Reformation Production, an Atlanta marketing agency, will help you take your company to the next level. Guiding you through the marketing process.  We call it Straight Line Marketing. Why? Because the fastest way to get from Point A (Your Product/Services) to Point B (Your Customers) is a straight line.  So, the next time you think marketing, think in straight lines! Contact Reformation Productions today and take your company to the next level. 678-825-8086 X104