Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Most Important Ad You'll Ever Create For Your Practice or Firm

Creation of a great tagline should be considered the first and most important ad (better termed marketing communication) a company does. Ideally, it should be created in conjunction with naming the business and logo design. Taglines define your company, practice or firm, its attitude, and how the public and your employees will view your business in the shortest concise manner possible. That being said,  developing your tagline should not be something you come up with shooting the breeze with your family and/or friends over a few beers.  It is an important element that defines who you are as a company and should not be created carelessly.  A lot of our clients come to us to help course correct this situation once they are ready to take their business to the next level.
If you choose not to hire a professional marketing agency initially when developing your tagline, you need to have a few factors in mind:  What is your position in the market place? What is your brand personality?  Who is the target consumer that you are trying to reach? Once you have answered these questions; you now have some foundation to begin the creation of your tagline. There are several other elements but these will provide you a minimal foundation. If you just make up a tagline because you think it sounded cool or your mom liked it; how do you know it will create a positive space for you in the mind of your consumers.  If you choose to hire a professional, be sure to choose a marketing agency like Reformation Productions 
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that focuses on brand development and not simply a graphic designer or webmaster. Few graphic designers or webmasters realize that taglines create a first impression and communicate just as much -- if not more -- than a fancy home page or brochure. The best taglines separate you from your competition, express your personality and add to your branding and marketing campaign. A tagline should tell not only what your company does; it should also make it clear how you are unique compared to your competition.
So imagine you've done it. The business partners have agreed on a new tagline. Maybe you came up with it in-house, or maybe you spent money hiring a professional marketing agency. Either way, getting it approved was not easy. Simply deciding on a new tagline isn't enough. So use it! Your tagline should be incorporated into all of your marketing. It should define the way your company, practice and/or firm does business and should give clients a reason to hire you. It’s a mission statement. A reason to be. Don’t let it go to waste.
However, it’s not enough to slap your new tagline on your logo, place it on your website and business cards and leave it. Embrace the new tagline and incorporate it into your daily messaging is just as important. Develop marketing campaigns around it, find a way to incorporate it into the way your gatekeepers answer the phone, and make it a part of your company, practice and/or firm’s essence.

If you are ready to take your company, practice or firm to the next level call Reformation Productions. Our team looks forward to helping you Think in Straight Lines when it comes to marketing your brand.

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