Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Deserving Divas 2011

We were honored to play Paparazzi for the Deserving Divas this year. Each year Drs. Williams, Smith, and Golik of Suwanee Dental Care complete many diva makeovers, including a number as a charitable endeavor to help those in need who otherwise could not afford such dental care.

This year, Suwanee Dental Care selected three ladies from hundreds of nominations. This year's recipients Barbara, Shefije and Nancy received the smile they have always dreamed of from Dr. Williams, Dr. Smith and Dr. Golik of Suwanee Dental Care. To celebrate, the divas recieve a full makeover and reveal party at the Gwinnett Place Marriott.

Our day started by meeting the ladies at Revival Salon in Suwanee where they were getting there makeovers were underway. Cody Smith and his team donated their services to provide the Deserving Divas with hair and make up to compliment their new smile makeovers from Suwanee Dental.

Next they changed into their new outfits from Panache Consignment in Suwanee. Shortly thereafter, the staff at Suwanee Dental came and met them at the salon.

Next was a limo ride to Gwinnett Place Marriott where the Deserving Divas were to reveal their new, beautiful smiles to world with the help of Gwinnett Magazine. Upon arriving at the Marriott, there were greeting by family, friends, their dentists, previous Deserving Divas, and more.

They were then escorted to the presentation stage to meet the world. “We are so thankful for all those who partcipated in their journey and gave if there time and talent to make this dream come true possible for these 3 very deserving ladies” said Dr. Williams of Suwanee Dental Care.

After their reveal, they were escorted to a video set where they completed their final video interviews for an upcoming local TV show featuring the divas and their transformation.

Reformation Productions is very honored to participate in the day with the Deserving Divas Foundation and all of the sponsors who made these three, deserving ladies feel special and look great.... They may not be used to having others take care of them, with all that they do from others, but they really did appreciate it. Blessings.

If you are interested in nominating someone for the 2012 Deserving Diva smile makeover email andrea@suwaneedental.com. Nominations deadline is November 30th 2011 and must include a description of the nominee's character, a description of the nominee's contribution to the community and others, and details as to the severity of her dental needs. Help find our 2012 Deserving Diva!

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